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Latest Musings

  • Now Entering a New Era

    Now Entering a New Era

    There exists an abandoned post from the beginning of this year – one that lamented on a great deal of things I have experienced in this life, that mourned the…

  • June 2024 Update

    June 2024 Update

    Hello, darlings. “You’ll be hearing from me very soon,” I say before disappearing into the void again and again and again. The last three months have been incredibly busy for…

  • March 2024 Update

    March 2024 Update

    Hello, darlings. I started the year off pretty on-track but got a bit knocked off-course when I received an email from Wix, my former web host, alerting me of a…

  • December 2023 Update

    December 2023 Update

    Hello, darlings. It’s been a rough and extremely busy stretch of time, but progress has been made, nonetheless. First, as usual, the progress bars with more specific news to follow.…

  • September 2023 Update

    September 2023 Update

    Hello, darlings! Great strides have been made since my last update. Relatively. And I just wanted to hop on here and share for those who have since opted to receive…

  • August 2023 Update

    August 2023 Update

    Hello, darlings! As some of you may have noticed, the website has a completely new look and set-up. In lieu of Linktree, I am now using this page as a…

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